Our programs

Family orphanages

Since its inception, the ORLEN Foundation has been supporting family orphanages (RDD). Since 2001, we have been providing assistance to these exceptional institutions where children in a very difficult life situation find warmth and peace.

Summer and winter holidays

Every year we organize holidays and breaks for the charges from family foster care. The program of trips always includes a number of attractions - sightseeing trips, ski training or workshops and animations. The trip is organized for whole families, which is an opportunity to meet other families who run family facilities. The Foundation covers all holiday costs.

Conferences for those who run family orphanages

During the annual meetings, we have the opportunity to learn more about the current needs of families and their educational successes. We invite both experts in the field of foster care and practitioners to cooperate. It is important to us that thanks to the substantive meetings organized by us, the managers of family orphanages can constantly deepen their knowledge while working with their charges. We want it to be also a time of integration and exchange of experiences between carers.

Donations to family orphanages

As part of the donation program, we provide funds for school starter kits, treatment or rehabilitation of pupils. We also often make donations in the form of a fuel card to co-finance travel to doctors or extracurricular activities. We also support families in emergency and immediate needs.

Scholarships for family orphanages

We support talented and ambitious foster care foster children in continuing their education and developing their passions. We award scientific and sports scholarships for special achievements. Every year we have about 100 scholarship recipients.


Every year we organize competitions for children from family orphanages. The biggest of them is the competition for the illustration of ORLEN's corporate Christmas card. We receive around 800 applications every year. We also organize other competitions, in which the winners were, for example, bicycle helmets, a family photo session or a trip to a therapeutic camp.

Do you run an orphanage?

If you run a family children's home or a family-type care facility and want to use our help, write to us.

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