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Family Children’s Houses
​The beauty that lays behind that noble initiative is home, job, and support in the first period of the self-reliant life – like in the regular family.

Children’s lot is what we all care about. Information about harm, disease or disasters that the youngest experience always moves us. Just like you, we also pay special attention to the lot of those whose childhood is not as joyful and happy as it should be, and for whom to fulfil dreams or develop skills is highly questionable, because adults occurred not to be mature enough to provide their children with proper attention.

The range of needs is so big that, to help the most needy, PKN ORLEN SA established the „ORLEN – Dar Serca” Foundation which, since 2001, has been leading the charity activity giving special care to family children’s houses.
We are constantly trying to help as many children from family children’s houses as possible.
Our Foundation takes care for about 280 such houses all over Poland, in which over 2000 children dwell.
We are trying to be helpful in extremely hard life situations, financing medical treatment and rehabilitation, helping to solve problems concerning upbringing.

For a few years we have been regularly financing children summer holidays, organizing contests and holiday events. In 2008 for the sixth time our Foundation invited over 510 children and their foster parents for the summer holidays. We are also trying to support the foster parents in their tough but very valuable work.